Green Initiatives


Floating Solar Farm

Renewable Energy

Panels installed on water stay cooler, generate more electricity, and have a higher ROI than rooftop or ground mount systems of the same size.


By lowering the water temperature and reducing the size of the water area exposed to air, floating solar panels can reduce water evaporation by up to 33% on natural lakes and ponds, and by up to 50% on man-made facilities


The systems are 100% recyclable and are easy to dismantle. Made of HDPE, they can safely be installed on a mining pond.  The proprietary anchors require no excavation and have no impact on existing ecosystems.

Water Recreation


This pristine water recreation lagoon is meant for both locals and tourists alike and can truly embrace an endless summer with cool water and the calm breeze from the sea. Since Terengganu’s coastal waters don’t have waves big enough for a good surf our state-of-the art man-made beach could attract many avid surfers and teach the locals this amazing sport. Also this theme park would feature rides such as roller costars to give our customers the extra thrill.


Cultivating Sustainability Through Ecological Restoration


Leucaena leucocephala is one of the plants that are promoted to plant on coastal sands. Planting petai belalang or scientifically named ‘Leucaena leucocephala’ is aimed to create more habitats that could sustain and support a wide variety of birds, insects, and other animals.It is also plays a key role in the nitrogen fixation cycle.

Lake in mountains.

This ingenious commercial programme aims to develop prawn farming and quality freshwater fish farming like seabass, grouper and red snappers in mining ponds. Our aquaculture programme will produce organic material that can be recycled in the lake to assist in pH buffering and establishment of appropriate lake ecosystems. Also this will provide extra jobs to the locals and serve as a boost to the thriving fishing industry in Terengganu.


Initiate employment, Commercial and Business Enterprise Opportunities for the Setiu Community

green plants

Leucaena leucocephala (also known as petai belalng)has been proven to have a positive future impact in the development of the biotechnology industry in Setiu, Terengganu.

The plant (Leucaena leucocephala ) is an important raw material in the production of biopolymers (renewable polymers) use in packaging industry and biochemical products. Consequently we as a company honour our deed to rehabilitate the environment after we mine silica.

Culture fishes / prawns

Our cultured pond will deliver to the lucrative boom in fish demand in the inland areas of Malaysia.

The processing of raw aquaculture products into forms more acceptable to the consumer, such as canning, fish balls, keropok (fish cracker) and snack food is one of the prime industries in Terengganu and we as a company feel honoured to be able to play a part in this industry.

Terengganu Crystal Industry

Terengganu Kristal – Our small-scale Industry with the state-of-the-art crystal making and glass blowing studio strives to reach it’s objective; to develop and enhance local craftsmen skills.The know-how creation of crystal and glass will be an essential touch of heritage which is unique and very distinctive.