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High Purity Silica Beneficiation Plant


Terengganu Silica Consortium Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated on 19th July 2013

Our Silica Deposits

Terengganu Silica deposit is located in Setiu, in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. The largest silica resource in Asia of an area of more than 1000 hectares of lease land with proven reserve of more than 60 million ton of high purity grade silica, having strategically located resource and plant facilities in center of Asia and closer to customers.

Terengganu Silica’s beneficiation plant equipment consist of a state of art technologies and breakthrough innovations which was customised design for diverse industrial applications. Our products have a purity range from 99.55% to 99.9% SiO2 with low iron oxide content and no interfere of color. Fully automated beneficiation plant in order to achieve consistent grades of high purity silica sand.

Terengganu Silica will be the leading high purity silica sand producer in Asia and Oceanic with an estimation annual capacity of 500,000MT. In future expansion of diverse products, the annual capacity is expected to be 1,200,000MT.


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Integrated Operations

The Terengganu Silica modern state of the art Beneficiation Plants and Machineries are custom designed for highest performance throughput to produce highest purity silica products. Some of the features of these plants and machines are precision functionality, optimum performance oriented and application specific design to meet international customers’ specifications requirement.

Innovative technology utilised in designing process solutions is the key to produce highest quality and consistent grade of Terengganu Silica products.

Laboratory and Research & Development

Terengganu Silica’s Mineral Processing Laboratory equipped with ICP, XRF and related equipment for silica analysis. This provides a wide range of silica beneficiation research services and offers a unique platform for the research and development in optimizing silica beneficiation.

The lab is equipped to develop mineral processing methods anywhere along the beneficiation chain from mineralogical analysis to dealing with process waste. Moreover, testing of promising methods can readily be ramped up from bench-scale to pilot-scale– a capability virtually unmatched elsewhere in the world.

Private Port

Terengganu Silica Port is a private port which is wholly own by Terengganu Silica Consortium, located 3km from the beneficiation plant on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.The port designed to cater barges as well as dry bulk carriers up to 56,000DWT.

The state of art designed port equipped with longest pipe conveyor in Asia with the loading capacity of 800 ton per hour.Terengganu Silica Port is dedicated for export of Terengganu Silica products only in order to ensure highest consideration of product quality and grade is maintained.The port is also design by taking into the consideration of the environment.Terengganu Silica Port provides efficient supply of silica products to the customers around the global.

Our Policies

Quality Policies

    • Producing silica with the highest quality attainable by following the Standard Quality Management System.
    • Assurance of consistent supply
    • Meeting standard market requirement
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Environmental Policies

    • By recognizing the intrinsic value of nature, the company works hand in hand with environmental groups and local initiatives to ensure the sustainability.
    • The company complies with all the environmental regulations and strategies recommend by the Terengganu State Government Environmental Department.

Occupational Safety & Health Policies

    • We comply and practice with all relevant occupational safety and health procedures, regulations and standards.
    • Ensure employees at all levels are competent to carry out their duties and responsibilities.
    • Ensure all employees and contractors are fully aware of their responsibilities.